The crowning of the crows

And so they have migrated

Left the lands, almost inebriated

Escaped the frozen grounds

Exiled, in a silence so profound

Despised by some, ignored by many

For being black, loud

and not having a penny

The crows were just that.. plenty

The snowy owls, the red crossbills

The snow buntings and their lot

Created a winter plot

To isolate the crows.

That’s what they ought!

But climate change, did come around

And so did emperor Frown,

bathing in tar and clad in black

From exile, the crows

He called back.

This eerie ruler of the Midlands

His ancestor, a crow of the grey sands,

From his throne of straw

Gave a new law:

Crown them crows!

Hear the caws!

11 thoughts on “The crowning of the crows

  1. Lovely post. I had as a child a crow- friend, she was free but stayed for hours with me, and even sometimes slept with me. She would wake me up to get breakfast by tapping my teeth with her beak. Happy days!

    Thank you.


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