Of women and doppelgängers


angelic, but

daring. Complex and

pragmatic. Clever and dreamy.

A being, to respect and whorship

never static, a manufacturer of zeal

Yet, subdued, forgotten, broken, hurt!

Your fiery nature extinguished

by a culture of scarcity

by expectations

by: I ought to

I should, I have to

I need to, I must, I could,

by: You had better, You might want to

check your sanity, lose a little weight, become a mother

be more curvy, have a girl, then a boy, a hybrid if need be

cook like a chef, fuck like a pornstar, have a perfect family

become famous, look incredible, have the ideal job

hike and give speeches, be sexy and assertive

hit the gym 24/7, clean the house, do yoga

be diplomatic and sensitive, get a boob job

volunteer, write a book, get fuller lips

be self-confident, be a natural

but be perfect, bitch!

don’t try too hard, though

be yourself

forge dopplegangers.

You’re never enough

and you can never be

in this society!

46 thoughts on “Of women and doppelgängers

    • Indeed. I do think that unrealistic social and cultural Expectations affect men as well and I am sure they do have these thoughts of not being good enough. But as a woman I can describe better my feelings in a poem about women.

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  1. This is beautifully written, and I love how you made the outline of the poem’s words curvy, like how a woman is expected to fill this perfect mould! I agree that women have a lot of expectations, to be perfect in every way. It’s a lot of pressure, and often one that we absorb from society but then place on ourselves.

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  2. How beautifully explained! We are never enough! If you do good at your job, you are not a great housekeeper. If you stay at home, you are not self dependent. If you do both, ughh you suck at both! I mean what do we do?? It’s so tiring to having to prove every time everywhere that you are good enough. Even then, you are not good enough 😒

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