Words, swords, crowds

Laugh together!

And they mingle.

Drink hot coco

Sniff the roses.

They stain the porcelain cups.

Dive deep in lakes of tea

Emerge spotless.

The journey continues,

This mixture of paraphernalia

Slides down the left ear

Of a grumpy, white cat.

It’s ticklish, it makes me giggle!

Whispered the cat!

As sleepy as I ever was

Just let me linger.

Take your flight!

But it is too late,

A cultural revolution enthralled

This dusty room, this lazy cat.

Let us erase Shakespeare!

Let us forget Keats!

The fate of art is to linger!

11 thoughts on “Linger

  1. Thoughtful. I’m glad I dropped by. I read your profile. Once, a long long time ago I too was 17. The path before you has endless possibilities particularly as you have a soul for beauty and expression. You do need to choose wisely and there are always choices that can cause problems. It is vitally important that you find an ANCHOR for your soul and then all the rest of your writing and expressions of beauty and life have this reference point. I hope my blogging post may in some way be of help. I know what choices I made and where now I have the safe harbour to be truly me. I value your beautiful site vey much. Thank you.

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