Ugly Souls


If God could whisper to us

If God could talk to us

If he could speak out loudly

What could he say?


What would he say

About our ugly souls?

Our uses and abuses

Of human souls

Of human bodies


We touch, we take, we lie

We force, we break, we die inside

We build and then destroy

We mock, we cry, we die inside

We hurt, we fight, we disregard.


Our human souls

Used to be…

Serene and kind

Now they are dark and blind

If God could talk to us

Would he say…

Wash your ugly souls

In fresh and cold mountain waters

In the salty, cleansing waters of the sea.


Nature and its purity

Are shaking slowly

Are collapsing wholly

Endangered with our fellow beings.

The cause and the effect of our ugly souls.


We punish, we hate, we ignore

We are wrecks, shadows

If we could hear God’s voice

Would we still die inside?

21 thoughts on “Ugly Souls

  1. I think he would say that he understands it all. And that he doesn’t judge as a result. We all do what we can as a result of our conditioning, both nature and nurture. Except for psychopaths, we all do our best and try to do the good we are able to understand. So it’s ok. 😊🌍

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    • More or less.I do believe that God is an all-inclusive, all-accepting, very kind and non-punishing entity…but God in my poem is more like the voice of our own consciousness that borrows the voice of God to make us reflect upon ourselves and our acts.

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      • I sensed that and I equaled our own consciousness with God. In the way that Jordan Peterson defines God mostly. The highest level of understanding of ourselves and of our world is what we call God and that has evolved during the millennia of our existence. It most definitely works as you presented it, as a whisper inside that sees everything for what is.
        Just today I found this audiobook and made me think about your poem:

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      • The book is great for 1 hour and 30 minutes because good and evil are used as broad metaphors and the author questions the nature of ‘evil’ itself through the lenses of a psychiatrist.
        Then it completely goes of the rails by talking about exorcism and other stuff. I apologize for recommending it before listening to it all.

        The Jordan Peterson debate about the evolution of values, morality and God is here and is truly interesting to watch or to listen to, if you haven’t already :

        I don’t necessarily “agree” with everything he says, but I enjoy his way of questioning things, his original perspective and his honesty.


  2. Wow – you have a beautiful gift! Your photos are beautiful and your words thought-provoking to say the least. Love your deep thought! Thank you for taking the time to read and like one of my posts, which led me to yours. Blessings and joy to you!

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