On Utopia


After a long period of absence I decided to mark my return to blogging with a hot and controversial topic: utopia, and more exactly, my own utopia.

Thomas More must have been one of the most awesome and bright people just for coming up with the idea of an utopian world, a land of the plenty.

Utopia is useful, if not for anything else, for paving the way to progress and giving birth to innovative ideas and challenging the status quo, for being the seed of change.

After reading Rutger Bergman’s book “Utopia for realists” I started thinking about my own version of utopia. Would I ever see a small part of the ideal world I dream of in reality?

So let’s start…I will pinpoint some of the wrongs of nowadays’ world (from my perspective, ofc):

  1. Huge income discrepancies between the poor and the rich
  2. Materialism and consumerism dominating the world
  3. An overabundance of choices
  4. Overwork and work becoming equal to high social status in society
  5. Supression of creativity, free thinking, emotional expression
  6. Lack of time
  7. The promotion of the superhuman > The superhuman profile: excellent public speaker, amazing social networker, participant at the latest and most up-to-date events, super boss or manager, constant traveller, working out/yoga included in the daily schedule, healthy lifestyle, perfect family member, desirable income, multiple language speaker, active reader and art connoisseur, engaging in shaping others > No free time, but supposed to be satisfied and fully happy with this productive super-packed schedule
  8. Technology, claimed to improve our lives, transforming people into less sociable human beings, bringing about increased feelings of loneliness, superficial friendships, relationships and the dissapearance of tightly-bound communities.
  9. The biggest health challenge of the 21st century: stress, anxiety and mental breakdowns.
  10. If you have the freedom and possibility of being everything and anything, how will you choose to be something? In principle,  you could do or be a bit of everything, but in reality you just end up having identity issues, personality issues, relationship issues,  career issues and all sorts of other issues. Questions like :who are you? ; what path can you choose in life? ; what career is the most suitable for you? ; which country should you settle in? ; who do you love and why? flood your mind more than ever before.


My utopian world:

A world every human being respects animals and considers them equal to people. Of course, that means providing everyone with a basic education on animal rights. I would love to see a world where animals don’t suffer anymore because of cruel humans and a world where the ecosystem isn’t disturbed any longer for the purpose of creating more business developments or expanding the human habitat.

A world where everyone has a basic income that elliminates worries about the most standard survival issues (food, roof above their heads, transportation, health, clothing) and allows them to use their energy to be creative and passionate about their life, work, community and leisure time.

A world where we have enough time to listen to our inner selves, to our emotions and moods…thus a shorter workweek (4 days per week)….Many times I was confronted with the following strange feeling: I got sick and therefore I had the chance and right to skip university or work. Normally, I should have felt horrid, because I was physically sick, but at the same time I got that great, hidden feeling of happiness that I was in charge of a full day off, my own day, my free time to do with as I please. I was all of a sudden free and in charge of 12 hours of unplanned, spontaneous available time and I was jumping around with excitement even though I was weak as hell and I should have been crying instead. Why does that happen? Does it happen to other people, too? Maybe because we do things because we should and not because we love to. Let’s face it, more free time to control by ourselves is an amazing idea.

A world where people are free to propose any kind of business or educational ideas they might have and a world that supports the implementation of these ideas.

A world where people are just people with no disctinctions based on race, nationality, gender, age, sexuality  and so on. A world where we all become global human beings.

A world where we have free movement of people and goods and no drawn-up, strict borders that limit human beings’ wellbeing and worldview.

A world where people are more humble and altruistic and where brands don’t matter at all.

A world where the rich and the so-called poor are not far apart in terms of income, education and social status.

A world that appreciates intelligence, cooperation, harmony, collaboration and empathy.

A world that listens with the heart and works things out with the brain.

A world based on love and understanding.

Let’s not get caught up in the details. Does it matter if we will have cities in the sky, if we will move to Mars or not, if we will have flying cars, if we will have human holograms, if we will be able to have robots replace our work?

Nope, because we have not been able to solve our poverty issues, because we still have prejudices regarding our fellow human beings, because we are still selfish and would like to keep the benefits and high standards of living to ourselves, because we ignore what happens outside our bubble of “apparent” wellbeing, because we don’t believe in anything anymore, because we are practical robots that fear to oppose the status quo, because we are frustatrated idealists, because we tell ourselves that society made us like this.

I challenge other bloggers to share some of their utopian world ideas in response to this blog post in the comments section!

13 thoughts on “On Utopia

  1. My utopia contains all of the Great Cosmos, and includes all things.
    Really it would just be a turning back of the clock.
    Somewhere, a thousand, ten thousand, maybe forty thousand years ago, (scientists are constantly discovering hitherto unknown data) humans and the world and the galaxy and the universe worked in their natural way.
    Humankind, their big brain and their opposable thumbs outpaced nature, and since the moment we first thought we could subdue it and its inhabitants (human and otherwise) with impunity, the planet was doomed to end up the way it is.
    My utopia would return us to a time, an evolutionary state, where we were truly equal to animals because we were no different.
    No property to covet, no imperialism.
    No money, therefore no classes or poverty.
    Not a “perfect” world, without suffering.
    Not rainbows and unicorns. (Well, not all the time)
    Not without territorial-ism, violence or starvation.
    These are natural in the real world.
    But it would be a world that could still be just.
    Seek Peace,

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    • I am really curious to see how that would be like. Actually, it might be entirely functional. For example I believe that there could be a totally anarchic system that would work globally as an alternative to the failing political systems of nowadays. I want to do some ethnographic research next summer with some small anarchic communities and see if their system can be theorized/ expanded to a bigger scale.


  2. Graham says:

    Posts like this deserve to be read more widely. Nice one! It’s such a shame that the idea of utopia is just an idea and that selfish motivations would always cause any move towards such a thing to fail in some way. I kind of think that my utopia might have to begin with a mass pandemic to cull the human population to free up some space for all species to get their habitat back…sounds violent eh?


  3. But on the other side, there might be a slow move towards making small bits of our utopias come real in the future. I mean ideas do become reality, but not in the time of their proponents! Like a lot of writers’ and artists’ works becoming famous after their death!


  4. A world every human being respects animals and considers them equal to people. I would love to see a world where animals don’t suffer anymore because of cruel humans – This is an ideal but animals are pained and then killed to consume their meat.

    I would describe this as cannibalism based on your statement – “A world every human being respects animals and considers them equal to people. ”

    Sadly in this present situation this will continue to be a utopic thought for long time :people paining animals and killing them for consumption is not going to stop!


  5. Excellent article. Very thought provoking. Even though the world right now doesn’t seem an ideal one for life in general, I believe when people become more and more aware of their own feelings and their own path in life and they make a conscious choice to let go of the meaningless pressures on them to perform according to the standards set by a bunch of egotistical people, we’ll slowly move towards a better world. And articles like this would definitely help in promoting the awareness.


  6. Your list is pretty comprehensive–good job! Respect for and living in unison with nature is first and foremost on my list. Indigenous cultures did this for thousands of years but modern humans now completely disregard the natural world that sustains us all. I keep hoping that our species is becoming more enlightened and evolving on a higher mental plane, but looking at the crises in today’s world makes me wonder. Still, I cannot give up hope! Thanks for a great post!


    • I blame failing political systems, selfishness, boosted egos, the taste of power, exacerbated individualism.
      …..and I am considering anarchism a possible viable solution, Noam Chomsky’s type of anarchism.


  7. undercoversuperhero2301 says:

    In an ideal world…just equality. Everybody should not be treated any higher or any lower than the next person. Power and greed, why do people fight to be the top dog, Nobody should be ruled.

    I found your post enlightening which is why I have nominated you for Versatile Blogger Award, you can read about it on my blog 🙂


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