I wanted to describe my country in words…

But I can’t. There is so much rage and frustration inside of me that my words would be just foolish, full of hate and no smart insights. I could write a book analyzing the political situation of Romania, the sociocultural background of the country that influences the mentality of the people, but in the end I would sum up everything by saying that this country embarrasses the EU. The most adequate adjective for the country is corrupt. And don’t get me wrong…the geographical position, the natural environment, the long-lost hospitality of people and the dying traditional arts, crafts and customs were great. Things worth loving or liking in Romania disappear rapidly with each passing day. So, nowadays, I hate this country because I hate its people. Some might condemn me and say that I am not patriotic. A lot of people will probably consider me a shame to my own country because I had the courage to state that I hate it. But guess what? I don’t mind. I am a citizen of the world, a simple human being that does not care about its nationality. And ironically enough, I’ve been treated and welcomed better in other countries I’ve lived in. The fact that I was born in Romania does not mean I should be devoted to a place just because it happened to be my birthplace. I didn’t choose it and I am allowed to criticize it and feel the way I do about it.

However, I won’t get into soliloquies here and I will let pictures describe the grim situation. One more thing, why are things the way they are? Because what is rotten comes from people’s inside. The top men and women of the country, ‘le creme de le creme’ are fucking corrupt, thieves with no scruples, illiterates with no kindness or consciousness. Money and materialism rule this country. Everyone else is simply not courageous enough to stand up to what is wrong. Incessant complaints, but no action. People want a top-down change, but the reality is that this country needs brave people who will slowly affect and bring positive changes through bottom-up approaches.


Soil pollution exactly near big villas. Ok, let’s say you don’t care about the environment, but not giving a shit about how horrible the landscape is just outside of your house? It’s literally visually disturbing.

Impossible…but well, people in Romania live in their own bubbles….an allien invasion or public whipping of school children might happen just outside their houses and they wouldn’t give a damn.


Massive illegal deforestation that has been going on since the 1989 revolution. Wakey wakey, who cares about the resources of the country, about the oxygen, the balance of humans and nature, the ongoing climate change? And yeah, I care more about trees, animals and nature because they are kind and never consume more than they need for their own sustenance.


Lovely view for any traveler who wants to relax near the river or in the forest. Ha ha, what a brilliant joke! But who cares? I mean, people go camping and they leave tons of garbage behind and throw plastic bottles and remains in the water. Isn’t it disheartening for them and other travelers? Gosh, and they judge Roma people for living and indulging in dirt. But are they better? Nope…And I won’t even mention the environmental aspect of the whole situation. Imagine how annoying it is for environmentalists to see  dumped plastic, which isn’t even biodegradable. How much more efficient would be to recycle all those poor plastic bottles!


If you are not rich enough or you don’t have caring, ‘loaded’ relatives to pay for your hospitalization and treatment in a private hospital you will end up in a public hospital that looks like this. And let’s not talk about Bucharest or other big cities…they might have a few better hospitals, but the rest of the country is lucky enough to even have these shitholes. People get more and more sick under these disturbing circumstances by breathing unhealthy air and by being in an unsanitary environment where germs spread with the speed of light. And let’s add to these some grumpy nurses who act like they are the queens of the hospital and the patients are beggars. And doctors who never explain anything to you and dismiss any questions you might have.


How do old people fare? Not much better, they have ridiculously low pensions and struggle to survive by any means possible. These old people are the ones who vote and would even sell their souls (not to mention their political votes) for some extra cash or food.

P.S: Dead people and Romanian expats from all over the globe vote in Romania in their home cities!  I knew that Romanian people believe in spirits and ghosts, but to go as far as making them vote?




Poor Roma people. Everyone complains that they are thieves by nature and that they should be exterminated (ha ha, of course there are a lot of wannabe Hitlers in Romania, they would enjoy an ethnic cleansing).

What a lot of human beings who live in Romania associate with Roma people: “They love and indulge in their shitty, dirty, full of garbage environments.” But no one actually takes into account the fact that society pushes these people into miserable slums and that they have no choice or opportunity to improve themselves and opt out of stealing, begging and rat-like living conditions. The areas where they live have no current electricity, water or heating, no sewage systems and cities nearby dump their trash next to the houses of these ‘guilty to be born in Roma communities’.

Hey, kids, you are the future of this country! That’s it if you make it past teenagehood without becoming drug addicts, homeless, construction workers, illiterate, part of illegal prostitution networks or tortured physically or psychologically by foster parents or in orphanages.

strazi-pamant-noroi-1-Copy03 Grigorescu (mare)autostrada

People love buying expensive cars that stand for their material wealth and social status in society. But when it comes to roads and highways….let me tell you that everyone should use off-road vehicles.




The arhitecture of the country is amazing, full of spirit and decaying day by day. We have more architects than buildings in despair. However, they don’t have jobs or work in boring projects or they migrate to China because those people build a lot. And our outstanding old buildings might collapse very soon. Preservation of heritage? That’s considered heretical in Romania.




Can you believe that Bucharest, a city of approximately 1 870 000 inhabitants, is as crowded during peak hours in the metro as Shanghai, a city of 24 000 000 people? Hell, no. Not to mention the insalubrious conditions and falling down fragments of cement at train and metro stations.

This part hurts me the most and shows me how inhuman some people in Romania are. I really wish we had a police force that concentrated on protecting all animals at any cost. For example, bears’ paws are considered a delicacy and natural furs are paraded by stylish women with no principles. I won’t comment further because animals in this country have no rights. Their lives and freedom are in danger constantly. This country is a human jungle where both people and animals suffer alike.

68 thoughts on “I wanted to describe my country in words…

  1. That is…oh my gosh, I don’t even have words, like you. How do you get clean drinking water? Clean food? The government there is no where to be seen? Do they dress nice, live well? That is a horrible way to live. Good for you for getting out.

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    • Clean drinking water isn’t a problem….water filters and bottled water because there are still a lot of places that have clean mountain springs. Clean food, again…no problem…a lot of people who live in the countryside sell organic food and we have the usual supermarkets…Clothes no problem, some people live well…But the pressure is huge. There is still a small segment ‘the middle class’ and even people with low salaries manage to make a living. But it is all surviving in a way, instead of enjoying life.

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  2. Graham says:

    Goodness. It is quite an horrific picture you paint. I have to ask, do you think you would be able to write a post emphasising the good things in Romania? There must be some good still there…?

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    • But if I do so no one will concentrate on the bad parts….people already know the good and ignore the bad…as I said, they live in their own bubbles and leave the poor, the socially disadvantaged, animals and nature in horrendous situations. For example, there is no shelter for animals in the small city my mum lives in. There are about 5 or 10 dogs that live on the streets and hell knows where they sleep.It’s been snowing for the past week and today were like -5 degrees. Poor dogs were in the open air and no one cared that they were freezing outdoors.


      • Graham says:

        I’m not disagreeing with you, I was just curious if it would be possible to write a post about the good in the country when there is so much bad listed. I hope over time that things will improve so you can feel much happier…but while leaders concentrate simply on wealth and power…it seems sadly unlikely.

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      • Yes, definitely..don’t get me wrong..there are a lot of positive things too..like in any other situation..but I think the negative overwhelms the country and people too. Unfortunately, corruption in Romania is something that has a very long history. It has been embedded in our culture for centuries now.

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      • Graham says:

        It is such a shame for you to bear witness and I applaud you for raising awareness on your blog. Without people speaking out, no change will ever happen.

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  3. This is so very sad. I was born in Hungary and I’ve always had this romantic vision of Romania being a more ‘rural’ idyllic version. 😦
    Your English is so good you would get a job just about anywhere, I’m sure.

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    • It makes sense. I wish India wi get better and better. I love the culture, food, clothes, historical monuments and buildings. I’ve never been but it is on my bucket list to spend 6 months travelling through your country.


      • True. And you’ve done a wonderful job in shedding light on the ‘overseen’ aspects of the country. I hope people, or should I say elite bureaucratic, accept this reality and take conclusive steps to phase-out these issues.

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      • Almost impossible to hope for the elite to wake up and do somwthing for the good of the country. At the moment, they aim to change the laws to make everything better for politicans and worse for everyone else.


      • The ruling elite is the same almost everywhere. But it’s people like you that need to bring about radical change by highlighting the ‘overseen’ aspects and spreading awareness. You, for your part, have brought a change. A change in people’s perspective (those who have read this post) regarding the degradation of a beautiful landscape. I hope you and your posts reach more and more people. Sometimes even an innocuous step in the right direction can bring about involuntary change.

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      • I really hope so. And I do think it is exactly the way you put it, but sometimes I tend to be impatient. And change always comes with slow steps. I get frustrated by these baby steps, but it is all worth it if my words can bring about a change of perspective.

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  4. The sadness, shame and anger you portray in this piece is quite beautiful. With all the complaints- it is obvious you still love your country and mourn its condition. Good luck on your journey. May you find somewhere to love…that loves you back. Wishing you the best!

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  5. My parents went on a river cruise that stopped in Romania. They loved the scenery but were most struck by the difficulties of the lives of the people. They also noticed this in Bulgaria. Sad to hear that the “powers that be” seem to be so blind to it (willfully). Keep shedding light on these issues, even if you are not there physically. Maybe one day small changes will make some things better.

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  6. Thank you for this enlightening piece in which you are specific about aspects of poverty that we, in the richer western countries often overlook. A true patriot is one who can be dispassionate about her/his own country and value it enough to be critical of it. Your article does this and it is a welcome read. I trust that wherever you travel you will find circumstances that will widen your experience and appreciation of the world in which we both live.

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  7. This was certainly an educating article for me. It sounds like you really care. And maybe, if you care, you could organize others you know to try and influence the society. But then, it might not be worth the sacrifice. i do wish you all the best.

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  8. Wow! It saddens me to see what you describe in Romania. Not to minimize what you have shown, but unfortunately, there is suffering all around the world. Greed and inequality prevail in every country in this world, though perhaps not to the extent in countries like Romania. But passionate ones like you do great service by showing what exists in areas not shown to the public. I have to believe that the people of Romania are good people, who suffer and are governed by many who have been corrupted by power. Creating change often begins by giving a voice to those who are powerless and this is what your post has done.


  9. That was a truly shocking post and jerked me back to reality. We in the USA think that life could not be any worse than it is right now – it is pretty bad but we are lucky. I have lived in Egypt and saw some sights that broke my heart – poverty and neglect. You are very brave to write this.

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    • I am glad you came by this post. Sometimes we need to see something worse than what we experience daily in order to realize that things are not too bad for us. I think it is human nature to focus on the empty half of a glass, instead of appreciating the full half. However, in order to raise awareness and contribute to change, especially when it comes to societal issues, the negative aspects need to emphasized.

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