Advanced society?
I came across this poem and I felt I stumbled upon my truth, my reality. It struck me and sometimes I would l like to cry out loud and shout for people to wake up and care, care, care. Wake up from mediocrity and from the little or much you have (emotionally, mentally or materially) and share with others in order to work towards a more egalitarian society. 

Copyright: @ Fauxcroft 

Why are there still slums

And homeless people

Living in an advanced society

How we claim to be progressive

When so many actions are regressive

Cutting back on health care and benefits

Treat some people like they are less than shit

Why we think it’s OK to flaunt rich lifestyles on display

While other people having nothing at all

Why in an advanced society are people not equal

Equal chances of a good education

Equal chances of good jobs in life

Equal share of wealth that’s created

Instead we get taxes through stealth

Meanwhile the food banks are growing

And the class divides are showing

Is there help for those who fall through the cracks

No because our society lacks

The ability to care and share

And make real change that will take us there

To a world of equality without the homeless and slums

Or we will remain at the present with the trickle down theory

Where we are fed crumbs

From the table of the rich and elite

Where you get a reward if you behave like a sheep.

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